Where to start? 

  • First you have to measure the room where the furniture is planned, it would be good to make a plan, which also indicates all communications, windows, window sills and door locations. It would be good if you could send us in some form of original drawing with the dimensions of the furniture you want. Room plan and drawing with measurements will help you to prepare a program-ROOM PLANNER, which can be found on following links: http://designedition50.icovia.com/icovia.aspx or http://www.roomarranger.com/

  • Describe as accurately as possible materials, eg., what  kind of material to make frame, cupboard doors, worktop (solid wood, melamine, veneer, high gloss). If somewhere is wanted to use a color, then if possible, indicate the hue color code. It would be good if the fittings you want are named, eg. what kind of handles do you want etc.. 

  • If you want to order kitchen appliances from us, then this is a great opportunity, because we work with the company E-Lux , which selling kitchen appliances.  You can select appropriate models for you from E-Lux website http://www.elux.ee/eng/ out and forward them to us.
  • After placing the order, and receipt of prepayment we perform an accurate measurement.
  • In order to get an offer you have to put for the above info to e-mail : info@homefurniture.ee or select your favorite e-mail address from contacts. You can also call, we pleasingly answer to all of your questions!
  • You can  ask for an offer or your questions using the following form:

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